Projected macro-resort in Marbella with a theme park, hotels, sports facilities and even a Formula I cicuit.

Commplejo Holiday World

The Peñarroya Group, owner of the Hotel Resort Holiday World in Benalmádena, intend to develop almost 3.5 million square metres in the Las Chapas area by erecting a tourist resort which will include a theme park.
The Local Council of Marbella reported yesterday on the initiation of formalities for this initiative to be declared of public interest. Golf Reserva de Marbella S.A. has a total of 3,459,500 square metres of land in the Elviria area where, according to the document forwarded to the Council, it is intended to develop a «tourist resort» by the name of La Reserva Resort in which, in addition to hotels, it is being proposed that the required operators and final investors be attracted to build and operate the other proposed tourist facilities including a theme park (cinema and adventures among others), a race track, creative sports facilities and complementary buildings and leisure and restaurant facilities

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