4.6 million international tourists in total visited Spain in April, 3.1% more than during the same month in 2012. This figure is the result of an excellent response to the existing demand and represents the best figure for this month over the last five years. The better part of such an increase corresponds to tourists from United Kingdom and the Nordic countries.

 Of special note once more is the Russian market with a 45.5% increase during this month.

14 million tourists visited Spain during the first four months of this year, a 2.5% increase over the same period in 2012. France and the Nordic countries lead such an increase.

This four-month period (January to April 2013) will see a higher number of arrivals than the previous four years.


United Kingdom is the market which made the highest contribution in April to the growth of international tourism in Spain, with 68 million arrivals more and its third consecutive month on the up.

France, second source market during the month, grew by 2.2% with the Comunidad Valenciana as the main recipient of the increased flow of tourists.

Germany fell by 4.7% this month after growing for two consecutive months.

The Nordic countries continued the strong increase of the preceding months with a 14.1% growth.

Italy put an end this month to the preceding months’ decreases and experienced a 2.1% growth. Comunidad de Madrid was the destination that saw the largest increase.

Data Source: Trend note for April 2013 issued by FRONTUR (Spanish Ministry of Tourism).

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