While on January 21st 2014 we provided figures concerning the number of tourists visiting Spain in 2013 according to TourSpain, we are now reporting on the TOTAL EXPENDITURE IN SPAIN by those tourists during the past year.

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The total expenditure by international tourists in 2013 amounted to 59,082 million euros, which constitutes a year-on-year increase of 9.6% and has resulted in 5,152 million euros more. This figure, which is the highest ever reached in the EGATUR (Tourist Expenditure Survey) series, has been a result of both an increase in the number of tourists (5.6%) and in their average expenditure (3.7%), which reached the sum of 976 euros. The average daily expenditure, on its part, reached the sum of 109 euros, which is a 3.3% increase over 2012. The Nordic, British and French markets made the highest contribution to the net increase recorded in Catalonia and the Canaries, the regions that benefited the most from this. In terms of year-on-year rates, Russia and China stood out with respective growths of 28.9% and 27.1%.


With 570 million euros and a 28.4% growth, Germany took the lead as the biggest market for tourist expenditure. Its average expenditure experienced strong increases: 8.4% in average expenditure per person and 11.1% in average daily expenditure.

United Kingdom concentrated 16% of the total expenditure, which amounted to 504 million euros, the exact same increase as that experienced by the number of tourists: 20.2%. The Canary Islands was its main destination, with 50% of the total expenditure.

The increase in expenditure by tourists from the Nordic Countries (17.6%) was much higher than the growth in number of tourists (12.1%) owing to their increased average expenditure per person (4.9%), which was among the highest: 1,261 euros. The Canaries received seven out of every ten euros.

Despite an increased number of tourists, France saw a decrease in total expenditure (-9.6%) as a result of a drop in average expenditure per person (-21.7%). Catalonia was the region worst affected by this.


For the second month in a row, United States ranked fifth in most important markets, with a global figure of 125 million euros and a year-on-year variation rate of –4.8%.

As for the remaining markets, they all saw a general increase with the exception of Portugal. Of especial note is the good performance of the Netherlands and Russia.


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Regarding the type of accommodation, it is worth noting the increase in hotel establishments (25.8%), which received 62% of the total expenditure.


Regarding the type of accommodation, it is worth noting the increase in hotel establishments (25.8%), which received 62% of the total expenditure.


As for the organisation of the trip, both modalities experienced strong increases: 14.7% in the case of tourists without a holiday package and 18.7% in the case of those on a holiday package.

Eight out of every ten euros came from leisure travelling, which has seen an increase of 17.2%.

Source: TourSpain

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