Increased number of overnight stays in holiday accommodations units in Spain during the month of JANUARY/2014.


The number of overnight stays in “non-hotel” accommodation units in January increased by 7.7% compared to the same month in 2013. 

The number of overnight stays in non-hotel holiday accommodation units (apartments, camping and rural tourism) was in excess of 4.9 million in January, 7.7% more than during the same month of 2013. Residents’ overnight stays increased by 4.7%, while the growth was 8.3% in the case of non-residents. The average stay remains at 8.0 overnight stays per traveller.


The figures of travellers and overnight stays in non-hotel collective tourist accommodation units during the month of January are as follows:

January 2014:              Travellers / Overnight Stays

Residents in Spain:                    230,908                               790,200

UE (not including Spain):           323,447                             3,560,203

Rest of the World:                      68,221                                  626,054

TOTAL:                                      622,576                             4,976,457

 Holiday Apartments:

Overnight stays in holiday apartments increased by 7.2% in January. Overnight stays by residents increased by 5.2% and those by non-residents went up by 7.5%. The average stay saw a 1.4% growth to reach an average 8.9 overnight stays per traveller.

 35.4% of all available beds in holiday apartments were occupied in January, 7.9% more than during the same month in 2013. The weekend occupancy level per bed went up to 36.6%, which represents a 9.4% increase.

Non-residents’ overnight stays in holiday apartments represent 87.9% of the total number. United Kingdom is the main market of origin with 944,678 overnight stays, 4.8% more than in January 2013. The second market of origin is Germany, with 605,217 overnight stays, a 6.6% increase.

 Price Indexes:

The Holiday Apartment Price Index (IPAP for its Spanish initials) remains unchanged in relation to January 2013. The Tour Operators and Travel Agencies tariff, which has the most weight in this month’s calculation structure (62.2%), went up by 0.7%.

 Evolution of travellers and overnight stays in all the collective holiday accommodation units in Spain:

Overnight stays in the Spanish collective holiday accommodation units as a whole (hotels, apartments, camping and rural tourism homes) saw a 7.7% increase in January compared to the same month last year. Residents’ stays increased by 1.3% and non-residents’ grew by 10.6%.

The average stay increased by 0.9% compared to January 2013 to reach an average 3.9 overnight stays per traveller.


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