Working meeting to assess the progress regarding compliance with the Timeshare Directive 2008/122/CE


The international consultant Strategy & Evaluation Services -CSES- held a working meeting on 20th March, 2014, to collect information from the different operators and members of the public administrations concerning compliance with Directive 2008/122/EC following its implementation in the various European countries.


The purpose behind this is to comply with the mandate of the aforesaid Directive that instructs the European Commission to assess the degree of compliance with its provisions in the different countries of the European Union. This is a habitual process in March in Europe. The European Commission has appointed CSES to carry out such an assessment

The working meeting, which was called and chaired by Mr jack Malan of CSES, was attended –among others – by Mr José Ignacio Paredes from the European Consumer Centre in Spain and, on behalf of RDO-Spain, its Vice-Presidents Mr Ovidio Zapico and Mr Francisco J. Lizarza, Ms Maria Jesús Rodríguez (Manager) and Mr Alberto García (RDO Enforcement project).  

The Meeting was highly productive and, in the opinion of the representatives of RDO and the European Consumer Centre, the legislation currently in force is sufficient and it is necessary to take further steps towards an effective compliance with the same, especially as regards extraneous operators working on the margins of the timeshare sector and other products regulated by the national rules whereby the Directive was implemented.

 Marbella, 21st March, 2013

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