ICONO PEQUEÑA BRITANICA         EGATUR, Tourist Expenditure Survey.     



The total expenditure paid by foreign tourists reached 3,982 million euros in March, 6.6% more over the same month in the previous year. That figure was due to an increase in the number of tourists (0.7%) and their average expenditure (5.9%), amounting to 1,021 euros. Furthermore, daily average expenditure was 122 euros, 10.6% more than March 2013. Germany was the main responsible for the global expenditure increase in absolute terms, and the Canary Islands the region receiving the highest number of tourists.

During the first quarter the total expending of non-residents was 10,066 million euros, 8.1% more than the same period in 2013, resulting in 751 more millions. Germany, the Nordic countries and the UK were the markets that contributed the most to this growth. Daily expending per tourist rose 2.4%, and average stay dropped (-1.7%).


Although the emission of German tourists this month only rose 0.3%, the total expending increased 14.1%, contributing with almost 94 million euros more than March of last year. Average expending per tourist and day expanded notably, while the average length of stay contracted.

The UK emitted 16.1% of the total expenditure, posting an improvement of 1.5% despite the down of arrivals (-3.3%). The British market increased its average expending per trip (4.9%) and day (6.1%), and their average stay declined.

Nordic countries come third as to total expenditure, reaching 577 million euros. They show a significant growth in daily expending, but their average stay decreased.

For the fourth consecutive month France reduced the total expenditure with -0.5%, despite the fact that they increased in arrivals, what means that their average expending per trip and day fell.

The USA takes the fifth place in importance this month, with an expenditure of 172 million euros. Their average expending per person and day grew significantly, while they cut their stay.

Out of other markets it is also remarkable the performance of Italy and the Netherlands.


The increase of tourists’ expenditure on non-hotel accommodation (15.2%) was much higher than the increase of expenditure on hotel accommodation (2.5%).

Regarding the organization, the increase of expenditure of tourists travelling on a package holiday was of 14.1%, higher than the expending increase of tourists travelling independently (3%).

Expenditure on leisure travelling, which represents 80% of the total, recorded an increase of 3.6%.


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