In May Spain received 6.1 million international tourists, with an increase of 5.7% compared to the same month of the previous year. United Kingdom was the market that grew the most in absolute values, with 118 thousand more departures.

 Between January and May, Spain accumulates 21.4 million arrivals, 8.2% more than the same period in 2013. Almost all the major emitting countries have contributed to this growth, emphasizing United Kingdom and France with 300 thousand additional non-resident in this period.


 United Kingdom issued in may, 1.7 million non-residents, and registered an expansion of 7.5%, which is the highest monthly rise in absolute terms (118 thousand extra tourists).

 French market, with an increase of 11.5%, issued 14.8% tourists in May. The increase affected all the main communities, highlighting Canary Islands with about 24 thousand additional tourists.

 Germany issued 16.6% tourists this month, experiencing a modest growth of 1.1%. This result was conditioned by the decrease in the Balearic Islands, since, in other communities, the German increased over the same month in the previous year.

 Nordic countries relaxed the pace of growth of previous months staying nearly stable with an inter-annual variation of – 0.2%. Canary was the great loser of this destiny caused by this result, since the arrivals to it decreased – 15.2%.

 Italy seems to consolidate its recovery with a new rise of 20.6% in May. The community of Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia were the main hoarders of the increase.

 From the rest of the markets the remarkable inter-annual growth of Belgium should be noted one more month, as well as the impulse of distant markets, mainly Asian.

 Source: Turespaña

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